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Smyrna Georgia USA

Smyrna Georgia City Hall by Chritter B

The first historical references to the Smyrna Camp Ground refer to a religious retreat of sorts welcoming all denominations. The Civil War had a Battle of Smyrna Camp Ground, but the municipality of Smyrna was finally incorporated in 1872.

Prior to the war, railroads had been laid in the area, also the area was sometimes called Varner’s Station and Ruff’s Siding.

The Ruff Family bought a mill near the Concord Covered Bridge.

Geographically, Smyrna is just outside the perimeter under Marietta and north of Mableton. Most of Smyrna is north of the East-West Connector, but a residential area is south of the connector.

Sometimes called the Jonquil City, the Jonquil is a flower in the daffodil family.

Choosing Atlanta Movers …

Atlanta Movers, Mark the Mover, chosen by Smyrna families for their reliability and care. Mark the Mover has decades of experience delivering quality moving services for households throughout Atlanta and the suburbs.

Smyrna, Georgia is a city north and west of Atlanta and north and west of the Vinings area of Atlanta. Mostly outside the perimeter and near the Cobb Galleria, Smyrna is an area served by Mark the Mover Atlanta Moving Company. To Smyrna our trucks can come up I75 or we come up Old Atlanta Highway into Smyrna. Smyrna Georgia boasts major arteries like South Cobb Drive and Windy Hill Rd, occupying land south of Dobbins Air Force Base and west of I75.

The downtown area is straight south of the Dobbins Air Force Base runways approximately a mile to two miles. The downtown area might be considered to be the area near the public library, with other attractions like a Shane’s Rib Shack and the Smyrna Museum. With genealogical resources, the museum has some public exhibits. Also near downtown is the Smyrna First Baptist Church.

The name Smyrna comes from a city in ancient times, specifically associated with Alexander the Great and on the coast of Greece, or Macedonia. The location of Smyrna is actually in modern day Turkey in between the Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea or more precisely the Aegean Sea and the Sea of Marmara which are northern sections of the Mediterranean. Smyrna was a port city on the Aegean section of ancient Greece and south of ancient Troy. West and south of modern Istanbul on the southern mainland of modern Turkey, it was a shipping port that could trade with all the ports in the Mediterranean, and as the Black Sea and Mediterranean were connected bodies of water it is thought, they then could trade with areas North and East that are modern day Russia and Georgia.

Smyrna movers moving to and from Georgia including moving to and from Sandy Springs, Atlanta, Johns Creek and all areas around Atlanta Georgia have had Mark the Mover at their resource, with our location established on Chattahoochee Blvd and Logan Circle in the 1990’s and our current location on Marietta Blvd with connects with Old Atlanta Road that is a major downtown artery of Smyrna Ga. In fact with almost 35 years of moving and household relocation experience including packing and storage services Mark the Mover is only too happy to bring our moving and household relocation services to residents of Smyrna Georgia.

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