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Mableton Georgia

Mableton is named for Robert Mable, a Scottish immigrant who purchased 300 acres of land in the area during the 1832 Georgia Land Lottery.

Mableton grew in the 19th century partly due to Nickajack Creek, which provide power for saw and textile mills.

During the Civil War, Union Troops re-provisioned at the Robert Mable house, and his estate was not burned by the notorious Sherman, whose officer Walter Q. Gresham also received medical care.

Mable Family Cemetery (findagrave)

Incorporation as a Georgia municipality had a rocky start, lasting at first only from 1912 to 1916, when a flood threatened the towns finances, and they had to disband to garner the funds for repairs from Cobb County.

Mable Family Cemetery

Mableton is home to the Robert Mable house, a preserved historical attraction, and the Mable family cemetery. Mable purchased the property during a time when gold fever ran high. In 1799, Conrad Reed found a 17 lb. gold nugget on his father’s farm in North Carolina, and by 1832 gold mining was ubiquitous in Georgia, especially near Dahlonega.

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