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Buckhead Georgia

Buckhead, a neighborhood located in the northern part of Atlanta, Georgia, gets its name from a local pioneer named Henry Irby. In the early 19th century, Irby established a tavern and general store at the intersection of what are now Peachtree, Roswell, and West Paces Ferry roads, which was a popular stop for travelers heading north from Atlanta.

According to local legend, Irby shot a large buck deer in the area and mounted its head on the wall of his tavern. The tavern became known as “the buck’s head,” and over time the surrounding area came to be called Buckhead.

However, some historians dispute this story and suggest that the name Buckhead may have derived from the fact that deer and other wildlife were once abundant in the area, making it a popular hunting ground for early settlers.

The Buckhead Inn

The Buck’s Head Tavern, was a popular stop for travelers heading north from Atlanta in the early 19th century. One notable figure who is said to have stopped at the Buck’s Head Tavern is General William T. Sherman, who famously marched through Georgia during the Civil War.

According to local legend, Sherman and his troops camped in the Buckhead area in July 1864, and the general himself is said to have stayed at the Buck’s Head Tavern.

Buckhead cityhood

Efforts to incorporate Buckhead as a separate city within the Atlanta metropolitan area have been ongoing for several years, and several individuals and organizations have been involved in the push for incorporation.

One of the most prominent advocates for Buckhead cityhood is the Buckhead Exploratory Committee, a group of community leaders and business executives who are leading the effort to create a new city. The committee was formed in 2020 and has been working to gather support for incorporation through community outreach, public meetings, and social media campaigns.

In addition to the Buckhead Exploratory Committee, several local politicians and elected officials have expressed support for Buckhead cityhood, including Georgia State Senator Brandon Beach and State Representative Todd Jones. Some members of the Atlanta City Council have also expressed openness to the idea of Buckhead becoming its own city, although others have voiced opposition.

Buckhead Cityhood Committee

In 2022, several news stories developed about Buckhead cityhood, and a website has marshalled resources and encourages yard signs, volunteers and helpers of all kinds at the Buckhead City Committee.

Buckhead Local Moving

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How Hemphill got its name

Northside Drive was first commissioned on top of Hemphill, which used to bend from its slanted orientation to go directly north. But the name of the road has nothing to do with growing hemp, a common crop from which to make rope, on a hill.

William Hemphill is a terrific Atlanta name from the past. According to Wikipedia, he attended the University of Georgia and fought in the Battle of Gettysburg where he suffered a serious head wound.

We don’t learn whether he was shot in the head, kicked in the head or any other details, but this certainly made him perfect for politics and the news business.

After the war, Hemphill became involved in the Atlanta Journal Newspaper, helped it to become profitable, and later became a city Councilman. In what is described as a close race, Hemphill defeated a Republican African American Mayoral candidate only remembered McKinley.

Hemphill Mayor in 1890

In those days, everybody in the south was a democrat, so this was a remarkable attempt at unseating the ‘old guard’ by McKinley. It’s a real shame that someone at Wikipedia does not have more information on McKinley, even if, at first, it might mostly be added to the Hemphill entry.

There is a Jacob McKinley buried in Oakland Cemetery, he was one of the most successful post slavery African Americans in Atlanta. Article here We can’t find proof that this is the same person. If you can run that down, this guy needs his own Wikipedia page.

Hemphill went on after Mayor to head up a Cotton States business group that held exhibitions, fixed prices and promoted southern cotton.

Hemphill was an engineer in college and received his degree from UGA in 1861. If someone in the archives could find more information on what disciplines within the field of engineering he studied, that would be fun to see added to his Wikipedia entry.

Another interesting Hemphill fact is that the Atlanta Waterworks around Howell Mill and Huff Road have Hemphill in their names for many features. Hemphill pump station, Hemphill pond and Hemphill Waste Treatment are just a few of the names around this facility.

Huff road predated William Hemphill by many years, so it is thought that because of his time in Atlanta City government, Hemphill and the Hemphill water works were dedicated to his name early in the 20th Century. William Hemphill died in 1902.

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Northside Drive was called …

By the Mercedes Benz Dome, Northside Drive paved over Davis Street.


Simpson Street has been renamed Joseph E. Boone to the left here, and Ivan Allen Jr. to the right of Northside Drive. There is a gas station on the north west corner, and the area where the stub of Davis St. was left has been bulldozed and turned into a parking lot.

Lets look back in time and a little further south of Simpson.


A good landmark for these old maps is Mitchell Street, which is in the bottom center. At Davis Street, MLK, which goes around the south side of the dome jogs up Northside for a block, and Mitchell still runs west of Northside and east of Elliot.


In this 1903 map section, Vine St. is the left edge of the map and Davis is dead center, on the left edge of the three in the big 83.


Another notable street, that is now under the Dome is Haynes St. It still has a stop sign onto MLK and the street continues south of MLK at the Dome. Today, heading east on MLK/Mitchell at the Dome from Haynes, you also still find Magnum St. where the Hard Rock is located. Then you go under the bridge and you can still take a right turn onto Elliot Street, where there is an Atlanta Fire Station and Elliot Street Deli and Pub.

You can look at Elliot Street and Atlanta Fire Rescue Station 1 here

Home Park Movers

Home Park for Atlanta Movers

North of Georgia Tech is the Atlanta neighborhood called Home Park, where household residents use Atlanta movers Mark the Mover as Home Park movers for their household relocation requirements. The complicated intersection of Hemphill, Northside and 14th Avenue is in Home Park. The Home Park Community Improvement Association hosts a website for Home Park residents. The HPCIA (no relation to the CIA) makes zoom meeting credentials available for residents in the news section.

Home Park has a residential population of around 3,000 and harbors a large number of Georgia Tech students who rent houses and apartments in Home Park. Thus 80% of Home Park residents are renters, and 20% own their homes. Homeowners in Home Park inhabit a district with A rated schools, transportation, diversity and livability. Crime and safety are about average for a downtown Atlanta neighborhood.

Home Park is the exciting new home of a Quik Trip on Northside Avenue, as well as the older and very famous West Egg Cafe. Also the Cook Out and Chik-fil-A are new to this section of Northside Drive in Home Park.

The Silver Skillet on 14th Street closer to the connector is an iconic Atlanta breakfast joint. Operated by George and Louise Decker from 1967 to 1988, the restaurant remains in the family. The Silver Skillet was used as a shooting location for the Netflix series Ozark, and Will Ferrel’s Anchorman 2.

Home Park runs west from the connecter either side of 14th Street to a section west of Northside Drive. On the south side, the border runs through the center of 10th Street.

Home Park has a high density of fast food at the intersection of Hemphill, 14th and Northside Ave., where you can eat Krystal, Burger King, McDonalds or Chik-fil-A. There is also a Cook Out, a burger restaurant, and a couple of pizza joints nearby.

For household relocation around Home Park use Atlanta Mover Mark the Mover.

Hills Park Atlanta Movers

Crestlawn Memorial Park (near Hills Park movers)

Hills Park has a population of around 6,000 in the north west quadrant of Atlanta. Hills Park is in the area south of and including Crestlawn Cemetery. Mark the Mover Hills Park Movers is south of Crestlawn.

The southern tip of Hills Park begins in the railyards around the big Marietta Blvd bridge between Huff Road and West Marietta St., and extends north and west to engulf the northern edge of Crestlawn Cemetery and on in southwest line to the walking path on Marietta Rd. just north of the entrance to Dupont Commons.

Hills Park extends to the south west side of Chattahoochie Blvd almost to Huff Road, so Cantina Nueva Laredo is not in Hills Park, but the parking across the street and the Pepsi Plant are in Hills Park. The border takes a sudden jog just north of the golf center and hits Marietta Blvd around the Tacoma light and north of that is in Hills Park.

When the number 1 Marta bus is traveling northbound, it enters Hills Park when it crosses through the stoplight at Tacoma Drive. Retail businesses in Hills Park include a Shell Circle K gas station, the Olympic Flame Restaurant, Grainger and the Atlanta Ballet facility is within Hills Park. New to Hills Park is the Enterprise Rent a Car, at the corner of Carroll and Marietta Blvd.

While Mark the Mover provides full service storage for household goods, Cubesmart is located just one block from Atlanta movers Mark the Mover and is a good, clean self storage facility. Cubesmart is near the Sherwin Williams store.

How you move a large safe

  1. Gather the necessary equipment: You’ll need furniture dollies, straps, and possibly a hand truck or pallet jack to help you move the safe.
  2. Prepare the safe: Empty the safe of all contents and secure any loose parts. Make sure the door is securely closed and locked.
  3. Assess the route: Plan a clear and direct route to the moving truck or the new location. Make sure to measure doorways and other tight spaces to ensure the safe will fit.
  4. Recruit help: Moving a large safe often requires several people to lift and maneuver it safely.
  5. Lift the safe: Place the furniture dollies under the safe and have your helpers lift it onto the dollies. Make sure to lift with your legs and not your back, and that everyone is lifting evenly to avoid tipping the safe.
  6. Secure the safe: Once the safe is on the dollies, use straps to secure it in place to prevent it from shifting or falling off during the move.
  7. Move the safe: Slowly and carefully maneuver the safe to the moving truck or to its new location. Make sure to keep the safe level and stable at all times.
  8. Place the safe: Once you reach the new location, carefully lift the safe off the dollies and place it in its final location.

It’s always a good idea to consult a professional mover if you’re unsure about how to safely move a large safe.

Moving an Armoire

  1. Prepare the armoire: Empty the armoire of all contents, and remove any shelves or loose parts if possible. Secure any doors or drawers with tape to prevent them from opening during the move.
  2. Gather supplies: You’ll need furniture dollies, moving blankets, packing tape, and possibly a hand truck or pallet jack to help you move the armoire.
  3. Recruit help: Moving a large armoire often requires several people to lift and maneuver it safely.
  4. Wrap the armoire: Use moving blankets to wrap the armoire, paying special attention to corners and edges to prevent scratches or other damage. Secure the blankets with packing tape.
  5. Lift the armoire: Place the furniture dollies under the armoire and have your helpers lift it onto the dollies. Make sure to lift with your legs and not your back, and that everyone is lifting evenly to avoid tipping the armoire.
  6. Secure the armoire: Once the armoire is on the dollies, use straps or rope to secure it in place to prevent it from shifting or falling off during the move.
  7. Move the armoire: Slowly and carefully maneuver the armoire to the moving truck or to its new location. Make sure to keep the armoire level and stable at all times.
  8. Place the armoire: Once you reach the new location, carefully lift the armoire off the dollies and place it in its final location.

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Underwood Hills

West of I-75 and on either side of Collier Road is Underwood Hills, an Atlanta neighborhood known by that name since 1902.

Collier is also known as Hills Street starting around Nuevo Laredo Cantina, also home to Korean Taco experts Hankook and becoming Collier near Saam Burger.

Google is calling this entire stretch Collier Rd, but Hills Place and Hills Ave. offer evidence of the historical name for this stretch of road.

Underwood Hills Homeowners Association

Here are some kitchen packing tips:

  1. Sort and declutter: Go through your kitchen and decide what you want to keep and what you can get rid of. Donate, sell, or throw away items that you no longer need.
  2. Pack non-essential items first: Pack items that you won’t need in the weeks leading up to your move, such as small appliances and serving dishes.
  3. Use the right packing materials: Invest in high-quality boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, and packing tape to protect your belongings during the move.
  4. Label boxes clearly: Label each box with the contents and the room it belongs in at your new home. This will make it easier for you and your movers to unpack once you arrive.
  5. Pack delicate items carefully: Wrap fragile items, such as glassware and dishware, in bubble wrap and place them in sturdy boxes.
  6. Keep heavy items light: Put heavier items, like cast iron skillets, in smaller boxes so they’re easier to carry.
  7. Pack your appliances last: Disconnect and clean your appliances, and then wrap them in blankets or furniture pads to protect them during the move.
  8. Keep essentials handy: Pack a box of essentials, such as a coffee maker, utensils, and dishes, that you’ll need on your first night in your new home.
  9. Don’t forget about your pantry: Pack non-perishable food items in boxes, and be sure to label them clearly so you know what you have on hand once you arrive.

Atlanta Movers Household Relocation Moving Guide

Atlanta movers near Vinings

Mark the Mover at 404-351-0018 owns 20,000 square feet of secure storage. Eight miles from the Galleria, we can pickup and deliver exhibits to the Galleria at pre arranged times. Our shipping and receiving department has four semi level bay doors to ship and receive ltl (less-than-truckload) freight.

We recommend crating exhibits with reusable crates for safe handling. We offer valuation coverage for handling and storage. We will help move the exhibit into place and remove the crating until the show is over when we can help re-crate the exhibit for shipment to the next exhibit location.

We can also provide short term storage to help insure that exhibits are available when needed, and properly prepared to send to the next city.

Vinings, Georgia

Vinings is a census designation and not an incorporated village. West of the West Paces Ferry section of Buckhead, A part of Cobb County, early names for Vinings include Crossroads and Paces.

In the 1840’s the State of Georgia commissioned a railroad from Atlanta to Chattanooga which crossed the river in Vinings, with a bridge built by William H. Vining.

Since replaced, the bridge was a contrast to Pace’s Ferry, which ferried horse and carriage across the Chattahoochie River. CSX now uses the railway constructed by lease agreement with the state.

Cobb Galleria

Cobb Galleria Movers – Mark the Mover helps exhibitors at Cobb Galleria Exhibition center with moving, packing, crating, climate controlled storage and moving labor.

Smart companies spare their valuable sales and marketing staff the time and possible injuries for moving exhibits in and out of the Cobb Galleria Exhibition Center.

Out of state exhibitors can ship their exhibits to Mark the Mover and we will store them until setup time, deliver them to the Cobb Galleria Exhibition Center, move them into place and help with setup, and return at the end of the show to remove the exhibit, transport it back to the Mark the Mover international shipping facilities where we can crate the exhibit and ship it to the next show or store it in our climate controlled facility.

Cobb Galleria Movers

Mark the Mover Moving Co. at (404) 351-0018 is just south of Vinings, The Cobb Galleria and has been serving the area for more the 30 years.

Vinings Georgia – Vinings is a section in the Northwest quadrant of inside the perimeter bordering Atlanta Georgia. Vinings is census-designated and unincorporated town in Cobb County, Georgia.

Bordering the Chattahoochee River west of Atlanta, Vinings had a total population of 9,677 and also borders Smyrna Georgia to the east. The U.S. Postal Service uses “Atlanta” for all Vinings addresses (ZIP code 30339), and “Vinings” is not suitable for addressing the mail.

Vinings has been known in the past as Crossroads and Paces, (after Hardy Pace around 1830). Vinings was named for Wlliam H. Vining as he worked on the railroad construction of “Vinings Bridge” laying tracks in the area. The United States Army occupied the area during Sherman’s Campaign of the American Civil War in 1864 on his March to the Sea.


The Vinings area of Atlanta is named after William H. Vining, who owned a large chunk of land in the area in the mid-19th century. Vining was a railroad executive who had moved to Atlanta from New York City. He purchased the land in the area that now bears his name and established a general store and post office there. Over time, the community that grew up around his store became known as “Vinings,” in honor of its founder.

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Morningside VaHi Movers

Morningside is the community in Atlanta Georgia north of Virginia Highland and east of midtown. Morningside is also adjacent to communities like Druid Hills, Lennox Park and Ansley Park. Morningside is quieter than Virginia Highland or Little Five Points, it is almost entirely residential and off the main arteries that lead to the larger traffic flows of Freedom Parkway or Monroe Drive and the I-85 north south conduit. Morningside is nearby to Emory University and hospital, Buckhead, Ansley Park golf course and Piedmont Park with the Atlanta botanical gardens.

Where it’s at

Morningside is an Atlanta neighborhood north of Virginia Highland, east of Monroe and Piedmont Park and west of Decatur Georgia, south of Druid Hills around Morningside drive.

Ansley Park, Easton

Easton Georgia was the name of a small community that now is the Morningside Lennox Community. Also not far from Ansley Mall, Easton was a farming community and the creeks in the Morningside area were used by farmers for power for their mills. In the days before electricity, the water travelling downstream was gathered in a flue that turned a waterwheel that powered a mill. Mills were used to saw wood, grind grain and for cotton gins. Easton Georgia become a stop on the railroad line running from Toccoa to Atlanta in 1876, in those days Plaster Bridge Road, later renamed Piedmont was unpaved.

The population of Easton Georgia was less than one hundred people until around 1890. The earliest development around the area was in the Ansley Park and Virginia Highland communities. Virginia Highland is thought to be one of Atlanta’s earliest commuter suburbs, trolleys ran from Atlanta to the suburban area east of Boulevard. James R. Smith and M.S. Rankin build eight homes in Morningside Park in 1923, they advertised their new suburban development that also allowed streetcar commuting as a new type of suburb.

Household relocation in the Morningside community has been a staple of business at Mark the Mover Atlanta movers where we have build a solid three decade reputation for doing a good job. Mark the Mover has gotten a sort of following because we refuse to engage in the quality cutting that some competitors follow to offer prices in line with illegal and under-insured moving companies. We are a full service moving and storage company dedicated to providing the best quality moving at a middle of the pack price.

Our loyal customer base appreciates getting a consistent product year after year. Our customers wouldn’t want it any other way. We have seen our Morningside moving customers change their moving schedule to relocate on the day our moving crew is available. That might sound crazy, but it is true.

That is not to say that there are not other moving companies that do a good job for Morningside movers, there are. If we cannot move you on the day you need to relocate, we kind of know what some other movers are doing, and we can try to recommend a couple of alternatives. But if you call early you can make sure to have Mark the Mover. If you can’t finalize your schedule early enough, we understand and will try to help.

Morningside Atlanta Ga Movers

Apartment Services Howell Mill

At Mark the Mover, we have decided to publish a web page for a neighbor and new small business entrepreneur offering …

Apartment Services Howell Mill

Our neighbor stopped by, and offered to link to Mark the Mover from his website, and we think this will be fun. Looking at their website, it is well done, using bank grade encryption so you can safely trust this company and their website, even on the coffee shop wifi connection.

Their home page tells us they offer dog walking, cleaning and maid services, laundry and dry cleaning including pickup and dropoff, parcel services and handyman services. Even if you’re not ready to make a decision today, create an account especially if you live in Millwork or Berkshire. More locations coming soon.

At Mark the Mover, Atlanta’s highest consumer rated moving company, where “We specialize in everything!” we don’t really specialize in everything, it is a sort of slogan and oxymoron at the same time. We handle everything on moving day, but our friends on Howell Mill, Huff Road, Dupont Circle or Sync have been buying office furniture, and it is hard to find someone to set up the furniture.

As more and more people live their busy lives with combined work at home, on the road and office schedules, it is more important than ever to have a resource that can help with handyman chores, cleaning, laundry and even help with pet care. For more information please email – and remember to call us at Mark the Mover when you need an Atlanta Moving Company