Apartment Services Howell Mill

At Mark the Mover, we have decided to publish a web page for a neighbor and new small business entrepreneur offering …

Apartment Services Howell Mill

Our neighbor stopped by, and offered to link to Mark the Mover from his website, and we think this will be fun. Looking at their website, it is well done, using bank grade encryption so you can safely trust this company and their website, even on the coffee shop wifi connection.

Their home page tells us they offer dog walking, cleaning and maid services, laundry and dry cleaning including pickup and dropoff, parcel services and handyman services. Even if you’re not ready to make a decision today, create an account especially if you live in Millwork or Berkshire. More locations coming soon.

At Mark the Mover, Atlanta’s highest consumer rated moving company, where “We specialize in everything!” we don’t really specialize in everything, it is a sort of slogan and oxymoron at the same time. We handle everything on moving day, but our friends on Howell Mill, Huff Road, Dupont Commons or Sync have been buying office furniture, and it is hard to find someone to set up the furniture.

As more and more people live their busy lives with combined work at home, on the road and office schedules, it is more important than ever to have a resource that can help with handyman chores, cleaning, laundry and even help with pet care. For more information please email info@aptsvc.com – and remember to call us at Mark the Mover when you need an Atlanta Moving Company