How Hemphill got its name

Northside Drive was first commissioned on top of Hemphill, which used to bend from its slanted orientation to go directly north. But the name of the road has nothing to do with growing hemp, a common crop from which to make rope, on a hill.

William Hemphill is a terrific Atlanta name from the past. According to Wikipedia, he attended the University of Georgia and fought in the Battle of Gettysburg where he suffered a serious head wound.

We don’t learn whether he was shot in the head, kicked in the head or any other details, but this certainly made him perfect for politics and the news business.

After the war, Hemphill became involved in the Atlanta Journal Newspaper, helped it to become profitable, and later became a city Councilman. In what is described as a close race, Hemphill defeated a Republican African American Mayoral candidate only remembered McKinley.

Hemphill Mayor in 1890

In those days, everybody in the south was a democrat, so this was a remarkable attempt at unseating the ‘old guard’ by McKinley. It’s a real shame that someone at Wikipedia does not have more information on McKinley, even if, at first, it might mostly be added to the Hemphill entry.

There is a Jacob McKinley buried in Oakland Cemetery, he was one of the most successful post slavery African Americans in Atlanta. Article here We can’t find proof that this is the same person. If you can run that down, this guy needs his own Wikipedia page.

Hemphill went on after Mayor to head up a Cotton States business group that held exhibitions, fixed prices and promoted southern cotton.

Hemphill was an engineer in college and received his degree from UGA in 1861. If someone in the archives could find more information on what disciplines within the field of engineering he studied, that would be fun to see added to his Wikipedia entry.

Another interesting Hemphill fact is that the Atlanta Waterworks around Howell Mill and Huff Road have Hemphill in their names for many features. Hemphill pump station, Hemphill pond and Hemphill Waste Treatment are just a few of the names around this facility.

Huff road predated William Hemphill by many years, so it is thought that because of his time in Atlanta City government, Hemphill and the Hemphill water works were dedicated to his name early in the 20th Century. William Hemphill died in 1902.

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Northside Drive was called …

By the Mercedes Benz Dome, Northside Drive paved over Davis Street.


Simpson Street has been renamed Joseph E. Boone to the left here, and Ivan Allen Jr. to the right of Northside Drive. There is a gas station on the north west corner, and the area where the stub of Davis St. was left has been bulldozed and turned into a parking lot.

Lets look back in time and a little further south of Simpson.


A good landmark for these old maps is Mitchell Street, which is in the bottom center. At Davis Street, MLK, which goes around the south side of the dome jogs up Northside for a block, and Mitchell still runs west of Northside and east of Elliot.


In this 1903 map section, Vine St. is the left edge of the map and Davis is dead center, on the left edge of the three in the big 83.


Another notable street, that is now under the Dome is Haynes St. It still has a stop sign onto MLK and the street continues south of MLK at the Dome. Today, heading east on MLK/Mitchell at the Dome from Haynes, you also still find Magnum St. where the Hard Rock is located. Then you go under the bridge and you can still take a right turn onto Elliot Street, where there is an Atlanta Fire Station and Elliot Street Deli and Pub.

You can look at Elliot Street and Atlanta Fire Rescue Station 1 here

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