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Alpharetta, Georgia

The vicinity of Alpharetta Georgia was once the county seat of Milton County Georgia. Milton County merged with Fulton County during the great depression because of financial difficulties. If you have looked at a map of Fulton County you have wondered how it got its odd shape. This merger is one reason. Mark the Mover is a favorite moving company of Alpharetta movers.

Alpharetta is a major city in northern Fulton County. Alpha is greek for first and retta means town, so those who named the city had visions of Alpharetta being a first town. Indeed Alpharetta has not only grown to 50,000 citizens, its daytime population is more than double with its thriving business climate. Before 1858, the area was referred to as the New Prospect Camp Ground, and consisted of a few wooden structures including a school, and many tents. It was a popular trading post and alsio an area central to many cotton farms. Residents in these days were independent and industrious, with no charismatic leader taking the name, instead the generic but unique name of Alpharetta was put to the state of Georgia and approved by the legislature on December 11, 1858. Today. Georgia 400 is the main artery leading from Atlanta through old Milton County and the City of Alpharetta. To the southwest Apharetta is bordered by Roswell and by Johns Creek to the southeast. The town of Milton is to the northwest and the next major town to the northeast along Ga-400 is Cumming Georgia. Also to the southeast are a community called Big Creek and the Mathis airport, part of Suwanee or Duluth.

Alpharetta City Hall

The Mathis Airport has a runway of 1800 feet and is governed by visual flight rules or VFR. Calling itself a barnstormers airport with a dogleg runway, it was created by the Mathis brothers sometime in the late 1950’s or early 1960’s. The current airport designator is GA47. Alpharetta has a police department located on Old Milton Parkway and six Fire Stations that provide fire and emergency services. The city also has its own Public Works and a Parks and Recreation division. Additionally Five City High Schools including Milton, Alpharetta and Chatahoochie top a robust public education system in Alpharetta, which otherwise would depend on Fulton County and its mixed bag of public schools. Alpharetta relocation customers especially local movers but even long distance should check moving companies on the internet to find companies with experience and integrity with their Atlanta Georgia customers. is a great web-site for learning about our choices when moving.

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Alpharetta homeowners depend on Mark the Mover to reduce the stress of moving day. Fully licensed and insured, Mark the Mover is the smart and dependable choice for Atlanta Moving Companies. Offering moving and household storage, we can handle all your needs, and get your relocation completed start to finish, saving you time and allowing you to settle into your new home.

Mark the Mover frequently serves Alpharetta, many households came from Atlanta and with four decades of top ratings, Mark the Mover, Inc. is the top choice for Alpharetta movers. We are a short distance from the connector, where we hop on up GA 400 to get to Alpharetta.

Alpharetta and Roswell Ga households needing a moving company have more and more been calling Mark the Mover, partly because they find us on the internet, but just as often because they have used Mark the Mover for their moving company before. Mark the Mover has the advantage, after three decades of customer service, of receiving a great deal of our customers from repeat business.

The Georgia Department of Public Safety regulates household goods carriers and all household goods moves made within Georgia. The regulatory authority recommends that consumers understand their rights and responsibilities. Provided for your convenience is the Georgia Department of Public Safety Moving Guide which will assist you in better understanding your rights and responsibilities. Georgia Department of Public Safety Moving Guide – Call Mark the Mover, the trusted value Atlanta Movers!

Moving companies use every means of advertising, from yard signs to the Yellow Pages, but at Mark the Mover our advertising expenses are very low. When you purchase moving services from Mark the Mover, you are not paying for billboards and yard signs. And when we do a good job, we know that you will tell your friends and move with Mark the Mover again some day.

But there is another reason that has helped Mark the Mover, and it is also a product of our philosophy of delivering a high quality moving service. With the advent of internet reviews at sites like Home Reports, and on Google Plus, Mark the Mover has cornered the market in Atlanta on good moving company reviews. Some companies spend thousands of dollars to appear on search results on the internet when consumers search for moving companies in Atlanta. Other consumers dig deeper and use websites that offer moving company reviews to find a moving company they can trust. These consumers who find the good will Mark the Mover has generated over the years by offering a competitive and professional moving experience often wind up choosing Mark the Mover for their household relocation project.

Mark the Mover really appreciates what websites like and as well as Google have accomplished with their reviews. The important websites have done a remarkable job of ‘keeping it real.’ You may have noticed that when looking at consumer reviews for products and services on the internet, sometimes you find websites and reviews that look too good to be true, and they probably are too good to be true. Even at Amazon they seem to have some credibility on the reviews, in that you will see good reviews and bad reviews. At Mark the Mover we have to admit that not all our reviews are five stars. Sometimes we don’t do as good a job as we should have done.

Consumers have come to recognize fake reviews and real reviews. One of the reasons that websites like tend to do a better job with reviews is that they have formulas to determine when a company is creating fake reviews for themselves. It is easy to see when every review is just too rosy, when they fall on the same day, or when all the reviewers only reviewed one company. Some of these things are apparent when we look at reviews, but other things like the address of the computer where they review was submitted are part of the internal workings of the review websites, and some websites do a better job identifying fake reviews with such information.

Since Mark the Mover has real buzz, not hype, other types of good will really help us at Mark the Mover. Real people that moved with Mark the Mover are in every school and office in Atlanta. Real Estate agents with Mark the Mover customers that received a square deal from Mark the Mover sell homes all around Atlanta. Neighbors, friends and family recommend Mark the Mover because of their personal experience with our household relocation services. Money cannot buy this kind of customer loyalty, it was earned by nearly 35 years of treating customers with respect.

Mark the Mover does not use day labor, we employ a force of dedicated moving professionals to serve our customer’s moving needs. Our fleet of local moving trucks are the largest trucks that maneuver readily on Atlanta’s congested roads. We arrive with plenty of moving pads, furniture dollys and protection for your hardwood floors and plaster walls. Our moving crews are polite and well groomed. We equip our trucks with GPS and monitor every job to keep things running on schedule. On busy weekends and especially near the end of the month, it is a beehive of activity at Mark the Mover, with our conscientious crews going to and fro to serve household moving customers from Eagles Landing to Cumming Georgia, from Powder Springs to Decatur Ga.

So whether you are in Virginia Highland, near Piedmont Park, Midtown, Buckhead or the inner or outer suburbs including Marietta and Lawrenceville, Mark the Mover is a smart call to make.

Located in Atlanta on the Chattahoochie Industrial area a moving company with three decades of Atlanta moving company experience has been quietly taking over the moving needs of household movers in Alpharetta and Roswell Georgia. Our moving trucks are dispatched and head on to 75 at Howell Mill and up GA-400 to serve customers in Sandy Springs too.

As Alpharetta and Roswell grow with transplants from Atlanta, so does the word of mouth spread by Atlanta movers about the great service they received from Mark the Mover. While consumers with limited budgets just shop for the lowest offer quoted over the phone, Mark the Mover is having a record year with a large segment of our business coming from movers that have relocated with Mark the Mover before.

The first few times we move, we discover in life that the lowest bidder we get over the phone does not always reflect a good choice in moving companies. We take a day off work only to discover that the moving company is late, the truck is too small or some other extenuating circumstance. Mark the Mover uses big trucks and we always recommend plenty of man power to get the job done efficiently.

Some people have nothing better to do than wait at the mercy of the lowest rate they could find calling around. They use coupons that leave moving companies to push your move back and end up spending more by needing to waste more of their time when they thought they were getting a better deal.

If you are ready to make your moving day less stressful, call the moving company that does not offer any coupons. Call Mark the Mover, where you know that your move is of the same importance as the next, and where we give all our customers that best service we can. We tell you up front what we charge and don’t hit you later with truth. If you are on the fence, here are some things to consider.

That really low rate is just for the first hour
The truck will be too small
The mover is not licensed
The moving company may use inexperience labor

Don’t mess around, if your household has grown and you want a straight answer, call Mark the Mover.