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Mark the Mover is a high quality household furniture moving company located in Atlanta, Georgia that mostly does local moving service but also does some long distance moving.

Household Furniture Moving

As our household’s grow a time comes when we need help moving furniture. When moving from an existing home to a new home nearby Mark the Mover, Inc. has four decades of experience. A moving Company is classified by authorities as a freight carrier specializing in household goods. Movers add the services of packing, padding and safely loading and unloading you furniture from and to your homes.

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Georgia moving companies are regulated by the Georgia Public Safety Commission.


Atlanta movers use a product called newsprint for packing of moving boxes. But moving company newsprint is not the same as using newspaper, partly because there is no ink on moving company newsprint.

Newsprint is also a temporary solution, excellent for the day of the move or overnight, or the two or three weeks that a long distance van line may have your household goods during a long distance relocation. But for longer term storage, there may be better options, especially with valuable household goods stored long term.

But to review, here are some drawbacks to newsprint or newspaper:

  1. Ink Transfer: Newspaper ink can rub off on your belongings, potentially staining or ruining them.
  2. Tearing: Newspaper is thin and can easily tear, leaving your items exposed and potentially damaged during the move.
  3. Insufficient cushioning: While newspaper may provide some cushioning, it may not be enough to protect delicate items or prevent items from shifting during transport.
  4. Messiness: Newspaper can create a lot of loose paper, which can be difficult to clean up and dispose of.
  5. Moisture retention: While bubble wrap, styrofoam, or foam sheets are more resistant to water, you need to consider an alternative, which would be really important if you use self storage.

Can bubble wrap or foam ever stick to furniture?

Yes, it is possible for bubble wrap or foam to stick to furniture during a move. This can happen when the materials come into contact with the surface of the furniture and then adhere to it due to static electricity. Additionally, some types of foam or bubble wrap can have a slightly tacky surface that can cause them to stick to other objects.

To prevent this from happening, it’s best to wrap the furniture with furniture pads or a blanket, and then wrap it with a product called stretch wrap