Atlanta movers planning a household relocation use this list of frequently asked questions.

Movers Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do I need to prepare for my move?

Find a good checklist and bookmark it in your web browser.

You will need to decide what level of service is affordable. How much is your time worth? Can you afford to take several days off work to relocate your household, or is a crew of moving professionals more to your liking?

Moving Answers

Decide if you want to use our excellent packing services. If you are going to pack yourself, you can purchase all the boxes, tape, markers, packing paper, etc. from Mark the Mover. If Mark the Mover is packing and moving your household, we will bring all the supplies needed. Typically, we will send a packing crew to your home one or two days prior to the move. If you are only using moving and trucking services, it is important to be completely packed.

Do movers use stretch wrap and furniture pads?

Our trucks are well supplied with quality moving blankets to ensure that every piece of furniture is adequately protected on our trucks. Shrink wrap is used to protect sofas from dirt and to ensure that items such as dressers and entertainment centers stay closed while in transit. We offer shrink wrap and padding at no extra charge. Our goal is to have as few damages as is possible.

Why do I need so many movers on my move?

Some moving companies assign less men than are optimal on a move. They do this because it is easier to sell less movers due to the lower hourly charge. We often recommend a larger crew. While the hourly rate is higher, adding one or two men on the crew results in a discount on the hourly rate of each mover. Of greatest importance, the move goes along more quickly and more efficiently since the movers do not tire as quickly.

Is Mark the Mover licensed and insured?

Of course Mark the Mover is licensed an insured. Mark the Mover adheres to all state laws and customary moving procedures.

Are Mark the Mover professionals permanent employees?

Yes, Mark the Mover never uses day labor or temporary help. All of our moving crew members are hired after a full background check and subject upon employment to both random and scheduled drug testing. Often, the crew members we bring aboard already know how to move, and have moving experience. Many of our movers have been in the business for more than 10 years. Since Mark the Mover has among the best employee benefits, our moving crew members are loyal and long term assets to our company.

Should I tip my movers?

That’s really up to you. Some people tip and some people don’t. Movers do not expect to be tipped. Tipping is not required but if your crew does a great job, a tip of 8-10% for the entire crew is appropriate. Another rule of thumb is to tip each mover $4-5 per hour of the move.

How does Mark the Mover charge for services?

Moving Services

On local moves, we generally charge people on an hourly basis. Our pricing conforms with the rates mandated by the Georgia Department of Public Safety. Pricing for interstate moves is based on the weight and distance. Mark the Mover does not add fuel surcharges. Acceptable payment types are credit card, cash, check, and certified funds.

What happens if it rains on the day of our move?

Generally speaking, inclement weather does not interfere with a move. In most cases, the distance between the front of your house and the truck is minimal thus minimizing the time that your furniture pieces will spend in the weather.

What packing materials do I need for a move?

Here are some general guidelines for the amount of packing materials that will be required for their move. Typically, people are surprised when they use more boxes than expected for packing. Mark the Mover will give customers full credit for any unused boxes left over from packing. Make sure you have plenty of packing materials. See our packing tips page for more advice on packing your home.

1-2 Bedroom Apartment or House
15 Book boxes 1.5 cubic feet
10 medium cartons 3 cubic feet
6 large cartons 4.5 cubic ft.
4 dish packs
2 wardrobe boxes
6 rolls of tape
2 magic markers
Packing paper 25 lb
8-16 Picture slices (requires 1 for small pictures, 2 for medium, 4 for large)
3-4 Bedroom Apartment or House
20-30 small 1.5 cubic ft. book boxes
15-20 medium 3 cubic ft. boxes
10-15 large 4.5 cubic ft. boxes
10-15 dish packs
6-10 wardrobe boxes
18 rolls of tape
2 magic markers
Packing paper 25-50 lb
16-24 Picture slices
5-6 Bedroom Apartment or House
50-75 small 1.5 cubic ft. book boxes
25-35 medium 3 cubic ft. boxes
30-40 large 4.5 cubic ft. boxes
10-15 dish packs
10-15 wardrobe boxes
24 rolls of tape
4 magic markers
Packing paper 50-75 lb
30-40 Picture slices

I have some really valuable baseball cards and jewelry. What should I do with them?

Valuable baseball cards, jewelry, original artwork, and the like are considered to be items of extraordinary value. Items such as those are not covered by cargo insurance. In most cases, the most practical solution is to move those items in your personal vehicle.

Will my move cost more if the movers have to take an elevator or stairs?

The speed, size, and proximity of the elevator can have a major impact on the move time. One of the most important time-saving measures a customer can take is to reserve their elevator for exclusive use by Mark the Mover. One of the most frustrating and time consuming parts of moving can be when our movers have to compete with another mover for elevator usage. This allows one person to occupy the elevator full-time and help load and unload it. A significant number of stairs and/or a long carry distance will definitely add time to your move. We typically like to add an extra mover onto a move that has an elevator or stairs.

What happens if I need to postpone my move?

We understand that sometimes our customers need to postpone a move due to circumstances that are beyond their control. We make every effort to accommodate postponements but are sometimes unable change our schedule on short notice. To avoid a cancellation charge, we require 72 hours advance notice for postponement and cancellation.

How do I get an estimate for moving?

Call 404-351-0018 or email to speak with a representative. For many people, it is adequate to conduct a phone interview and email or fax an estimate based on that. In cases where our customers require the best possible estimate of the cost of your move we need an inventory of your household which can be emailed or faxed to us at 404-351-4873. If you need help with this, in many cases you can call us and we can come out and do an inventory for you.

Does Mark the Mover charge extra for moving pianos?

Piano moving does not cost anything beyond our standard hourly rate. Most pianos need to be tuned after they are moved.

Do movers handle pool tables and weight machines?

We use a professional pool table installer for moving all tables. Pool table moving is a separate charge from the move depending on the make and model of the table. Our employees can move less complicated exercise machines such as elliptical machines, stationary bikes, and treadmills. For more complicated machines, we use 3rd party contractors for assembly and disassembly.

Can Mark the Mover move houseplants?

We have no problem moving most houseplants if the move is less than 50 miles. Since plants are fragile and cannot be boxed or otherwise protected we cannot guarantee that they will survive the trip. If your house has more than 5 plants, we may need to add a small van or cube truck onto the move. Plants can require a lot of truck space since they cannot be stacked. If your family has access to an SUV or truck, our movers can assist with loading or unloading plants into your personal vehicle.

How do I pay at the end of my move?

We accept all major forms of payment for local moves including cash, check, credit card, and other certified funds. Cash or certified funds are the only acceptable form of payment for long-distance moves.

How much prior notice does Mark the Mover need to schedule a move?

It’s not possible to say exactly how much advance notice we require to accommodate your move. During less busy times, we may be able to schedule your move with 1 or 2 days advance notice. During peak demand times such as weekends and all days during the spring and summer, it’s best to call 3-4 weeks ahead of time to make a reservation.

Does Mark the Mover do interstate/long distance moves?

Yes, Mark the Mover is certified for long-distance moving. We are not a van-line and are able to give a higher level of service on interstate and long distance moves because the truck and crew are exclusively moving your goods. Larger companies are only able to give 5 to 7 day delivery windows and will often sub-contract moves out to parties that are not under their direct control. Often, your move will be one of many that the crew has to deliver. If there are complications on any of the moves prior to yours, there may be a long postponement of your delivery resulting in a major inconvenience. We are able to give our customers a guaranteed 24 hour delivery window.

Does Mark the Mover offer temporary storage?

Yes – Mark the Mover offers a unique service called storage-in-transit. Many times customers are selling the the home they are moving out of and are unable to immediately move into their new home. Our short-term storage solution allows customers to leave their household goods on a truck in our secure yard. This service eliminates the cost of conducting an inventory and double-handling your goods as they do not have to be unloaded as part of the storage-in-transit service.

Can Mark the Mover unhook my appliances?

Yes and No – Mark the Mover cannot disconnect GAS appliances. Electric appliances, namely washers, dryers, and refrigerators, can be disconnected and moved for customers who sign a full release. Bear in mind that many refrigerators have ice makers, and often have a copper water line, which we can disconnect, but we cannot re-connect. You should be prepared to replace this with a new line, or the newer reinforced vinyl water lines available at most hardware and home improvement stores. Due to insurance restrictions, we cannot reconnect any water lines at the drop-off location.

Does Mark the Mover broker any moves to other companies?

No – Mark the Mover only utilizes full time employees for moving. By forgoing opportunities to be a broker, we limit the amount of interstate business we conduct. Our belief in quality over quantity means that our customers can expect the best service available for their interstate or long-distance move.

Will my move be finished in one day?

Whenever practical, we complete moves in a 1-day span. We are able to send out enough trucks and men to complete most moves in 1 day. If a customer is using our packing services, we will send a packing and prep crew 1 to 2 days prior to the move. In cases where a customer is working with a decorator or wants to move one or two rooms at a time, we can send a smaller sized crew and move their house over the course of two or three days.

Does Mark the Mover cover the cost of repairs if something is broken on my move?

Unfortunately, damages to household goods can occur in spite of all the precautions our movers take. Each move comes with $300 of coverage for repairing or replacing your household goods in the event a damage does occur, subject to terms and conditions set by the Georgia Department of Public Safety and Federal Motor Carrier regulations. Moving consumers that need more robust loss mitigation options will be asked to consider valuation coverage, explained on our moving company valuation coverage page. Smart consumers also should check with their household insurance carrier to make an informed decision on the level of coverage desired. Younger movers with hand me down furniture may have different coverage needs than a seasoned collector of antiques, and we strive to offer a range of options to fit your needs.

Mark the Mover requires a deposit. Why is that?

When Mark the Mover makes a reservation for a move, we will be there. Some companies will overbook peak days and then show up for only the “best” jobs. At Mark the Mover, we treat our smaller moves with as much importance as our large ones. When we schedule a move with a customer, we stand behind our agreement. Likewise, we take a non-refundable deposit to protect ourselves against customers who schedule more than one mover and then use whichever company shows up first. Believe-it or not, that does happen.