Hills Park

Hills Park has a population of around 6,000 and is in area south of and including Crestlawn Cemetery.

The southern tip of Hills Park begins in the railyards around the big Marietta Blvd bridge between Huff Road and West Marietta St., and extends north and west to engulf the northern edge of Crestlawn Cemetery and on in southwest line to the walking path on Marietta Rd. just north of the entrance to Dupont Commons.

Hills Park extends to the south west side of Chattahoochie Blvd almost to Huff Road, so Cantina Nueva Laredo is not in Hills Park, but the parking across the street and the Pepsi Plant are in Hills Park. The border takes a sudden jog just north of the golf center and hits Marietta Blvd around the Tacoma light and north of that is in Hills Park.

When the number 1 Marta bus is traveling northbound, it enters Hills Park when it crosses through the stoplight at Tacoma Drive. Retail businesses in Hills Park include a Shell Circle K gas station, the Olympic Flame Restaurant, Grainger and the Atlanta Ballet facility is within Hills Park.