Who is the best moving company in Atlanta

Every marketing company selling leads to moving companies has written an article answering this question, i.e. who is the best moving company. Of course, if you booked your move with a lead selling company, they promise a lot, but you are not talking to the actual moving company. It’s better to book with the best local movers.

When we look at their recommendations, the most common thing we find is that their list is composed of companies that pay for a spot on their list. Is this a real indication of quality? We don’t think so. So the old saying that it was on the internet so it must be true is once again not maybe true. This is why our first reaction was to say something that you already know, look at reviews.

Look at reviews for the best local movers

At Mark the Mover, we worked hard to put links to independent sites with reviews on almost every page of our website. When shopping for that coffee maker, admit it, you checked out Amazon reviews even though you didn’t buy it on Amazon. For electronics, Best Buy has an informative system of real world reviews.

Can reviews be fake?

Yes! The first thing to look for is the number of reviews a reviewer has reviewed. Also, if you can see that they are from a foreign country, or New York City, the ad agency capital of the world, you can be suspicious. If an Atlanta moving company mostly has reviews from other countries, or from people that seem to travel too much, be a skeptic.

Can reviews be purchased?

Yes! In fact we have seen moving companies right here in Atlanta give rewards for reviews, a $20 gift card or a discount on the bill. But we know almost every other moving company owner in Atlanta, and in the moving industry this is not common. In fact, one company that tried to expand into Atlanta, using this practice, has closed up. That’s good news for the consumer, when you call their old number it is out of service. They were not the best local movers.

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Are Google reviews trustworthy?

Yes, just as much as any other reviews. Regardless of where you look, overly negative reviews are often trolls, and overly positive reviews should be looked at carefully. The question I always ask myself, is ‘does this person seem real?’ Google does a thing where they have Google Guides. These are usually real people and usually real reviews. Google put effort into trying to differentiate real people that want to really inform the public from internet trolls.