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Mark the Mover has relocated residents of the Kennesaw community for 30 years. Relocating households in Kennesaw, Georgia, Mark the Mover provides packing, storage, crating, shipping and moving – both local and long distance.

Kennesaw in Cobb County has about 30,000 residents and is north on I-75 of Atlanta Georgia. First called Big Shanty, Kennesaw was home to a railroad construction camp, was a major scene of a Civil War clash and hosted Great Locomotive Chase on April 12, 1862. Kennesaw formally became Kennesaw later in 1867.

Big Shanty hosted a famous Civil War battle, the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain, when Sherman’s forces were traveling south towards Atlanta to cut off the southern railroad commerce relied on by the South to connect the ports of Savannah and Charleston with Atlanta, Birmingham and even the ports of New Orleans. The Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park and the Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History are in or near Kennesaw and full of history. Kennesaw Mountain and Little Kennesaw Mountain are southeast of the city and the area of the battlefield park.  The city was renamed for the mountain.

The summit of Kennesaw Mountain is the highest point in the Atlanta metro area, much taller than Stone Mountain reaching an elevation of 1,808 feet (551 m) above sea level or about 600 to 700 feet above the higher plain regions around Atlanta. Stone Mountain by contrast has a peak elevation of 1,686 feet but in a way is in a lower plain. Fan’s of peaks and mountains might refer to both these Atlanta metropolitan altitudes more as hills, both pale in comparison to the mountains commencing in north eastern Georgia.

Kennesaw has a very low crime rate, in 1982 lawmakers in Kennesaw passed an ordinance, more to send a message than anything, requiring all households to own a gun. Although there are no known cases of fines or violations to the ordinance, the message to home invaders and criminals was clear.

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Households moving to and from Kennesaw Georgia can be confident that one moving company, that has been moving households around Atlanta Georgia for 33 years, is a smart choice in moving companies for moving tasks to and from Kennesaw Georgia. Mark the Mover performs local moving and long distance moving, but we do more local. and we move households around Kennesaw, Marietta, Acworth, Atlanta, Sandy Springs and pretty much everywhere around the Atlanta area that you need to move.

At Mark the Mover, we encourage you to look around at the reputation of moving companies. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are some moving companies that do not have a very good situation. That is sort of sad, but because all you need to call yourself a moving company is a friend, a couple of furniture blankets and an old pickup truck, there are a lot of people that don’t have the resources to do an organized job of moving an entire household, but they will try. In fact for most of us, when we are young and don’t have a lot of stuff to move, we really don’t need a moving company. But I’m assuming you have a lot of stuff, and no longer need to risk throwing your back out carrying the armoire down the stairs.

You see, Mark the Mover provides more that just a 24 to 30 foot moving truck, sometimes we provide two or even three trucks to move you fast, almost always in one day. Kennesaw movers that call Mark the Mover find that our certified moving consultants will thoroughly evaluate your moving needs and make sure we send all the resources needed to get your Kennesaw household moving. But we also provide courteous and well trained moviing crews that are dressed in Mark the Mover moving clothes, are clean shaven and well rested. These guys show up ready to rock!

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We get more repeat business than any other mover in the history of the Milky Way galaxy.

So if you are looking for Canton movers, call Mark the Mover at (404) 351-0018 and we will head up I-75 from our location just south of Vinings to help you with your household moving chores.

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With 33 years of moving company experience, Mark the Mover is south of Marietta Georgia down Old Atlanta Road to Marietta Blvd and Carrol Drive. With reviews at Yelp and Home Reports, household relocation customers in Marietta have confidence that choosing Mark the Mover for their moving and packing is a safe choice.

Marietta Georgia

As of the 2000 census, the city of Marietta had a total population of 58,748, one of metro Atlanta´s largest suburbs. Homes had been built near the Cherokee town of Kennesaw by the year 1824. In 1837 the Georgia Gazetteer said Marietta was named for the wife of US Senator and Supreme Court Judge, Thomas Willis Cobb. (Thus Cobb County) Marietta, legally recognized by the Georgia state legislature in 1834, has a square with a small courthouse. Marietta became home the Western and Atlantic Railroad. Three fires during the 1850s destroyed much of the city. The Georgia Military Institute was built in 1851. Marietta’s Oakton reidence was occupied in 1864 by Major General Lorings headquarters during the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain. In April of 1862, Union scout James Andrews came down to Marietta and spent the night in the Fletcher House hotel

Tourist attractions in Marietta include the Cobb Landmarks & Historical Society, Drexel’s Fine Arts & Collectibles, African American Sports Museum of Atlanta, Marietta Museum of History, Cobb County Youth Museum, Marietta Aeronautical Museum and Education Center, East Cobb Stables.

Marietta became home for the Bell Bomber factory during World War II. The bomber factory built 669 B-29 used by the American forces and employed 29,000 men and women at its peak shortly before the end of the war. Lockheed Corporation in 1951 took over operations after being abandoned by Bell. Now known as Lockheed-Martin, it is one of the major employers in the county and state.

Marietta was chartered by recognition of the Georgia state assembly on December 19, 1834. Thus in 2009 Marietta was 175 years old! Named for Mary Cobb who was known by her friends as ‘Marietta’, she was an active Georgian and wife of U.S. Supreme Court Judge Thomas Cobb. Early growth was fueled by the railroads and Marietta became the home base for the Western and Atlantic Railroad. Between Atlanta and Kennesaw Georgia, the civil war found Marietta near the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain in 1864.

Marietta was designed with a cute little square and retains the pedestrian meeting place as a center of activities. Now more often called a city than a town, Marietta is the home of the Cobb County Courthouse.

The Big Chicken is a KFC restaurant in Marietta. It is a landmark referred to as the ‘Big Chicken’ due to its distinctive 60 foot high rhomboid shaped chicken facade signage. At the intersection of Cobb Parkway and Roswell Road, the Big Checken was built in the 1950’s but the signature chicken facade was not added until 1964. It was not a KFC until the 1970’s. The Big Chicken sign, over five stories tall, was designed by a Georgia Tech architecture student as a marketing gimmick by the original restaurant owners, when it was called Johnny Reb’s. KFC rebuilt the landmark after damaging winds in 1996.

Marietta Ga is also home to the Confederate Cemetery, or also known as the Marietta Confederate Cemetery. Hard feelings among Union politicians led the Confederate Cemetery to be neglected the same federal funding used to maintain the National Cemetery less than a mile away.

The Marietta National Cemetery came about with the sympathies of Marietta Unionist Innkeeper Henry Cole. Cole donated the land and proposed that the dead from the Northern and Southern Armies be buried side by side. But snots from the federal government vetoed the gesture. Still, stunning examples of the sacrifices made by Americans in the war withstand, 405 dead from Wisconsin are buried amidst a memorial of the Wisconsin State Badger in granite.

Marietta is a suburb of Atlanta north and east of the city, Smyrna Georgia and the Vinings Atlanta district. With a city population of more than 60,000. major private employers in the area include Home Depot, Publix Supermarkets and IBM. Quasi-private employers include Lockheed Martin and Wellpoint Health, but the largest area employer is the Cobb County Public School System.

Marietta is also north and west of the Chattahoochie River, and mills along its left flank were probably centers of early commerce, but Marietta got its real start in the railroad era, when despite political wrangling, the Western and Atlantic Railroad settled in Marietta. Marietta was devastated by three major fires in the 1850’s prior to the War Between the States. South of the Kennesaw Mountain skirmishes, at which the North prevailed, Marietta was set afire again by General Sherman after the famous battle. Almost the entire town was torched, except for the Marietta Hotel. After the war, suspicious that the owner of the Marietta Hotel was a spy for the North, that was burned to the ground by the townspeople, the story goes.

Marietta is home to the Marietta Confederate Cemetery where 3,000 Americans who fought for the South and died in the War Between the States are buried. Nearby is the Marietta National Cemetery where around 10,000 Union troops are interred. The cemetery was founded in 1866 as a final resting place for Northern troops killed in the “March to the Sea” between November 1864 and December 21, 1864 in Savannah. Another 8,000 Americans who fought in the Spanish-American War, World War I and II, Korea and Viet-nam are also buried there, but the cemetery was declared full up sometime between 1998 and 2006 and is closed to new burials.

When the land for the cemetery was dedicated by one Henry Cole, his idea was that Union and Confederate troops should be buried together as a form of healing and to foster that bygones be bygones. This was not to be, any Confederate soldiers found buried in the National Cemetery either fought for the Union in subsequent wars or was mistaken for a Union Soldier. Casualties of war buried in the Confederate Cemetery were like-wise all on the side of the South, unless a mistake was made. Both sides, even after the end of the war, were committed to this.

Marietta and Cobb County are still solid members and representatives of the deep south, but the vibrant and cosmopolitan city harbors today much less of the ill-will toward Yankees today. Very little in fact, with the Dobbins Reserve Air Force Base and the steady stream of youngsters and career Air Force members that live part of their lives near Marietta we have even been known to tolerate people from California. And you would hardly notice our amusement.

Marietta moving Company have used Mark the Mover for their moving and household relocation needs for 33 years.

Barrett Parkway

Ernest W. Barrett Parkway in northwest metro Atlanta is in Cobb County, Georgia. Ernest W. Barrett was the first chairman of the Cobb County Board of Commissioners in the 1960s.

Previously Roberts Road, renamed during the 1980s, leading to increased land development along with the construction of I-575 in 1980. Marietta’s West Cobb Parkway was renamed to Barrett Parkway in the 1990s, and Barrett Parkway is now lined with shopping and restaurants.

Running now roughly from Marietta to Kennesaw, Barrett Parkway is under local control (with exception to the state route portion) and was built with county funds. With the east-west Connector and Cumberland Parkway, Barrett Parkway serves as a western by-pass of Marietta and connects Cumberland Mall and Town Center at Cobb.


Acworth Georgia is in the far flung north west region of the Greater Atlanta Regional Area just south of I-85 duw west of Woodstock Georgia and directly north of Kennesaw Ga. Acworth borders Lake Alatoona and is next to Lake Acworth on the south of town.

Lake Acworth is seperated from Lake Alatoona by a low dam at Lake Acworth drive. Lake Acworth is slightly higher in elevation than Lake Alatoona. Lake Alatoona and Lake Acworth are lower in elevation than Lake Lanier that has a full pool elevation of 1071 feet. Lake Alatoona has a summer elevation of 840 feet above sea level, and is as much as 140 feet deep. Lake Acworth is only around six feet higher in elevation and much smaller covering around 250 acres. One of the favorite features of Lake Acworth is Acworth Beach which is a man made sand beach and is fed by Proctor Creek.

Some people know of a Proctor Creek in Atlanta, between North Avenue and Bankhead Highway west of Ashby Street. The Atlanta Proctor Creek is buried north of Bankhead Highway at Woodson Elementary School and meanders south of Bankhead Highway just east of West Lake Ave.

The Acworth Proctor Creek feeds Lake Acworth to the east.

Although Acworth Georgia has a population of only around 20,000 people, the northern Cobb County city offers an incredible mix of amenities. At the foothills of the Georgia section of the Blue Ridge Mountains, a chain of hilly high altitudes that extends though north Georgia and several south eastern states and joining the Great Smokey Mountains. This area of Georgia is the along the piedmont plane that borders the Appalachian chain. This south eastern mountain range has around 125 peaks over 5,000 feet and spans from Georgia to Pennsylvania.

Acworth also borders the Lake Alatoona reservoir and the cities of Kennesaw and Woodstock Georgia and is in the Etowah River Basin. Historians think it was known as Andersonville prior to the Civil War, and just prior to the war it was officially commissioned as Acworth. The civil war site known as Andersonville is way way south, between Macon and Columbus Georgia.

The Mill in Acworth Georgia holds trivia night on Tuesdays and Karaoke night on Fridays.

So if you are looking for Woodstock movers, call Mark the Mover at (404) 351-0018 and we will head up I-75 from our location just south of Vinings to help you with your household moving chores.