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Mark the Mover has relocated residents of the Sandy Springs community for 30 years. Relocating households in Sandy Springs, Georgia, Mark the Mover provides packing, storage, crating and shipping – both local and long distance. Just north of Atlanta, Sandy Sprintgs is the eighth-largest city in Georgia. The Sandy Springs historic site still exists in the city boundaries.


Sandy Springs Recreation, Parks, and Gardens

The City of Sandy Springs has more than a dozen green space, recreational and park areas between the city and the county offering almost 300 acres of park land. Recreational parks include tennis courts, indoor basketball and outdoor basketball courts and a gymnasium.

Hammond Park, 705 Hammond Drive, (404) 252-6310:
Gymnasium, indoor basketball courts, lighted tennis, athletic field, covered picnic pavilions and a children’s playground.
Sandy Springs Tennis Center, 500 Abernathy Road, (404) 303-6182: 24 lighted tennis courts, clubhouse, locker rooms and a pro shop.
Abernathy Park, 254 Johnson Ferry Road, (404) 303-6172: tennis courts, arts center, a children’s playground, picnic tables.
Big Trees Forest Preserve, 7645 Roswell Road, (770) 673-0111: 30 acre urban forest with 1.5 miles of walking trails.
Morgan Falls Park, 450 Morgan Falls Place, (770) 396-0330: baseball fields, football field, picnic pavilions and children’s playgrounds.


Sandy Springs has around 87,000 residents and is metro Atlanta´s most upscale large traditional suburban community.The Police force consists of more than 150 Sandy Springs Law Enforcement professionals, and the fire departmant has more than 100 full time employees, supplemented by almost as many dedicated part time fire fighters, all Sandy Springs Fire Department emergency repsonders are Class B licensed.

In the 1970s the city of Atlanta attempted to annex Sandy Springs. Opposition mounted and the Committee for Sandy Springs was formed in 1975. June 21, 2005 residents voted 94% to 6% in favor of incorporation.

Sandy Springs is home to United Parcel Service and Newell Rubbermaid. Northside Hospital and Saint Joseph’s Hospital are on the southern edge, and although Perimeter Mall is in adjacent DeKalb County, Perimeter Center has many high-rise buildings, including the 570-foot “king and queen” towers.

Legend has it that the sandy spring has never run dry. It is found at the Sandy Springs Historic Site. The Creek Indians would stop at the spring on their journey to Atlanta. To this day, it produces 10 gallons of water per minute.

Sandy Springs Georgia

Sandy Springs, Georgia is on the northern end of Atlanta, and with a population approaching 100,000 it is approximately one fourth the population of Atlanta Ga.  Sometimes referred to as a part of north Fulton County, by adding up the populations of Alpharetta, Roswell GA and Johns Creek with Sandy Springs you can create a population center with more than three fourths the total population of the City of Atlanta. Many are surprised to learn that the population of the City of Atlanta is less than 500,000 and in fact what we call Atlanta is really often the greater Atlanta metropolitan district. The Atlanta Metropolitan Statistical Area is the ninth largest such designation in the United States, after the three big boys, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. Then there are seven large metro areas including Houston and Dallas, Philadelphia and Washington DC, Miami Florida and Boston Massachussetts.

The Atlanta, Dallas, Houston and Los Angeles districts all cover large geographical areas. If we were to combine the northeastern districts into a single district, more than 36 million people would make up the New York-adelphia / BostoWashington district. There are of course nearly 500 miles between Boston to the North and Washington DC to the south, and even a large MSA like Dallas / Fort Worth is only slightly more than 100 miles in breadth. A large factor in the designation of a MSA is the propogation of media outlets, like television and radio. TV stations are generally limited to circles with a diameter of less than 100 miles, even less in mountainess terain. Radio markets are larger, powerful radio stations like New York’s WABC and Chicago’s WLS Radio cover larger circles, especially at night when some listeners report getting radio programs from more than 500 miles distance from the transmitting tower for AM radio.

Sandy Springs Ga

AM Radio in Atlanta is anchored primarily by two stations, 640 AM WGST and 750 AM WSB, home of the mouth of the South, aka @talkmaster. But Atlanta is not nearly the AM radio town as compared to New York or Chicago, but Atlanta is the home to Ted Turner’s creation, the Turner Broadcasting System or TBS and CNN, the Cable News Network. While CNN is in an increasingly competitve cable news field, the TBS influences on the Atlanta area have made Atlanta a powerful media force including cartoon media, film and movie history and original programming from the TBS group. TBS and it’s supporters create an abundance of talent and resources in the graphical, video and internet businesses that help Atlanta thrive in the digital age.

Alpharetta Georgia has evolved into the Silicon Valley of the Southeast, and Ga 400 is the technology corridor. Fed by the demand of the media savvy Atlanta market, the Ga 400 corridor has seen the incubation of multiple digital age ventures that add to the Atlanta MSA economy. Atlanta is well known for TBS, CNN and Home Depot, but the GA 400 corridor in the ‘Perimeter’ area, spot on the Sandy Springs and Dunwoody areas has a major business area featuring the King and Queen buildings, known as Concourse IV & V, at fifty stories, the tallest suburban office buildings in the country. The Sandy Springs area is home to corporate headquarters for major corporations like UPS, Rubbermaid and Remington Grooming Products.

Sandy Springs was named after a spring in the area that still provides a steady supply of clean water bubbling up from a sandy shoal. It isn’t a gushing raging river the size of the Amazon or anything, but if you need to see the Sandy Spring, just go to the Sandy Springs Historic Site & Museum at the Heritage Park recreation area, an amazing four acre walking and relaxing space at 6110 Bluestone Road, Sandy Springs, GA 30328 or visit – the freshwater artesian spring is recorded back hundreds of years, and perhaps to the 5th century A.D. in indian lore. Some say the sping was the intersection of three indian trails, two being the Hightower trail and the Shallowford trail.

Sandy Springs incorporated in 2005 and now have their own police, fire rescue, EMS and 911 systems. Public Works currently oversees street maintenance, storm water and the Parks and Recreation offers several green space options managed by the new city. Go to for more information.

Johns Creek Moving Company

Mark the Mover has relocated residents of the Johns Creek community for 30 years. Relocating households in Johns Creek, Georgia, Mark the Mover provides packing, storage, crating, shipping and moving – both local and long distance.

Johns Creek Georgia is spelled without an apostrophe, as it was incorporated. Johns Creek is a city in Fulton County, Georgia, USA, which was incorporated on December 1, 2006. It is named for Johns Creek which has been a widening in a tributary of the Chattahoochie and is also near Berkeley Lake and is also adjacent to Milton, Ga which was incorporated at the same time. Municipal services provided in the charter of Johns Creek now include a Johns Creek Police Department and a Johns Creek Fire Department. The Johns Creek Municipal Court was created to adjudicate traffic, code and environmental policies of Johns Creek. The Johns Creek city council consists of a Mayor and six council posts. Johns Creek also utilizes a Board of Zoning Appeals, A Construction Board of Appeals, a Planning Commission and a Recreation & Parks Advisory Committee. The city encompasses the eastmost parts of the north end of Fulton County that were prior to 1992 unincorporated. Bordering Roswell west and south and Alpharetta to the northwest, Johns Creek also abuts Forsyth County to the north and Gwinnett County but does not cross county lines. Johns Creek shares a border with Gwinnett south and east. Johns Creek has around 60,000 people.

Johns Creek runs throught the area, also called the Ocee community, Warsaw or Mazeppa. The body of water called Johns Creek is a significant tributary of the Chattahoochee River. Part of Affluent North Fulton, Johns Creek is primarily residential. You might think Johns Creek should have an apostrophe in the possessive form, but it was decided to incorporate without the apostrophe.

Mark the Mover has been serving moving customers in the Atlanta metro for 32 years, and we concentrate on quality and service. Many moving companies get a bad name for using a low price to lure a customer and then cutting corners on service or adding charges on the back end. At Mark the Mover, we have never heard a customer say that our quoted price was the lowest, but many customers who have suffered at the hands of a no-name moving company in the past think that Mark the Mover was a pretty good deal.

Johns Creek is also a tributary of the Chatahoochie river that joins the larger river at the Riverside Course of the Atlanta Athletic Club complex commonly known as the Country Club of the South. Johns Creek crosses Old Alabama Road where the town of Johns Creek recently improved two bridges to safely handle the weight of fire trucks. Johns Creek meanders upstream to the north-east crossing Buice Road. Several tributaries bolster Johns Creek, which continues to dwindle northward as we go upstream from the Chatahoochie. Johns Creek crosses Parsons Road where several small lakes and possibly some springs create several tributaries that form the headwaters of the small stream. Several histories of Johns Creek Georgia, the town, mention Johns Creek as a small body of water, a more accurate description would be not to call it a body of water, but a meandering stream fed by artesian pressures of Lake Lanier, running parallel and to the west of the main Chatahoochie until joining it to the south.


Atlanta Movers Dunwoody

Dunwoody Movers, Sandy Springs Movers, Vinings Moving Company

Mark the Mover is an Atlanta moving and storage company with 20,000 square feet of full service climate controlled storage in the midtown area. Mark the Mover is located in Fulton County Georgia, and less than 20 minutes from Dunwoody Georgia. Also serving commercial customers at the Perimeter Mall and the King and Queen buildings, Mark the Mover uses modern moving trucks equipped with modern moving equipment and with plenty of shrink wrap and moving pads.

Major Charles Dunwody, Born in 1828, died in 1905

Charles Dunwody fought for the Confederate Army and survived the American War of Northern Aggression. Major Dunwody returned to the Roswell area after the war. Charles Dunwody rebuilt a covered bridge over the Chatahoochie River in 1869. The first covered bridge at the Johnson’s Ferry historical location was built by John Lowery in the 1850’s, but was burned by a Confederate battalion to slow Union troops moving down from Kennesaw. More information is at a nice site of historical markings called

Dunwoody is at the most northern point of Dekalb County North of the perimeter highway I-285. Dekalb County has a North South western border that crosses the I-285 border almost right down the middle lanes of Georgia 400. Dunwoody extends up to the borders of the county and so borders Fulton County to the west about one half mile east of Georgia 400 precisely along the county line and Gwinnett County to the east.

Dunwoody Spelling Error

Dunwoody is not the only thing misspelled north of the perimeter. Holcomb Bridge should be spelled with an `e’ on the end, the Holcombes lived in the Chattahoochee River area and owned a covered bridge there. It was called Holcombe’s Bridge.

Dunwoody is spelled wrong, the man for whom the area was named is Charles Dunwody. The name is even misspelled on his grave marker at a Roswell cemetery, though the grave marker next to his, his wife’s, is spelled Dunwody.

Roswell Moving Companies Roswell Ga

Moving Companies Roswell Ga

Mark the Mover is a local moving company that also handles long distance moves, primarily to Tennessee, North and South Carolina, Florida, Alabama and of course Georgia. We also provide moving services frequently to all parts of the contiguous 48 states.

Local movers near Roswell Ga. frequently call Mark the Mover, with three decades of moving services, we are often recommended by former customers of Mark the Mover. Movers in North Fulton County use Mark the Mover for local moving services, packing services and expedited long distance moving services.

Roswell Georgia

Roswell, in northern Fulton County, Georgia, as of the 2006 census, had a population of 87,000. It is the seventh largest city in the state of Georgia, and is next to Alpharetta, outside the northern perimeter of Atlanta. The City of Roswell was founded by Roswell King, who came from St. Simons Island, GA in 1836. He started Roswell Manufacturing Company harnessing Vickery Creek to mill textiles from cotton. Roswell was incorporated on February 16, 1854. Union Soldiers occupied Roswell in July 1864 on their march to Atlanta, when Sherman ordered soldiers to burn the mill. When in 1901 telephone service came to Roswell, phone numbers were one digit. President Teddy Roosevelt has roots in Roswell. Most of Roswell’s growth is in the last decade and a half. According to the famous Frommer book series, Roswell is among the best nations to raise a family. Roswell, GA boasts a large service industry, with nearby Marietta and Alpharetta. Area employers include Lockheed, AT&T, Verizon, and tens of thousands in healthcare and hospitals. Transportation companies, of which Atlanta Mover Mark the Mover could be included, UPS and Ryder Logisitcs are in the North Fulton County Georgia wheelhouse.

Events Moving Georgia

1629 – King Charles I – Charles granted a charter to Sir Robert Heath which included all territory between 31st and 36th N Latitude extending inland s far as was explored. These latitudes spanned from present day Albemarle Sound in North Carolina to Jekyll Island off the coast of Georgia. However, others say that the charter was conveyed to Samuel Vassal in 1630. Sir Heath was a MP of London and served as Attorney General for the King after 1625. It is likely he never visited the Carolinas.

March 24, 1663 – Charles II delivers the 1629 charter to the Earl of Claredon, the Duke of Albemarle, Sir George Carteret and five other favorites. July 10, 1665 – A second charter extends the bounds of the grant to 36° 30′ and 29° N Lat. This is approximately from the northern border of North Carolina (36° 34′) and Daytona Beach, Florida. April, 1670 – Charleston, South Carolina founded. July 18, 1670 – Treaty of peace between England and Spain, who claims the entire eastern half of North America, signed at Madrid, Spain provides that actual possession of land would determine ownership. The English have no settlements south of Charleston while the Spanish have settlements as far north as latitude 32° 30′. This is approximately the latitude of Port Royal (Santa Elena), South Carolina or about fifty miles north of Savannah.

Berkeley Lake

Berkeley Lake in Gwinnett County, Georgia, United States.

In 1956 Berkeley Lake was a summer retreat surrounding the peaceful 80 acres lake. 700 acres surrounding the lake were developed starting in the 1940’s, and an earthen dam was commissioned in 1948. Development at first led to cabins and camps but a population of full time residents grew over time.

Berkeley Lake has grown around 80-acre lake. By 2000, less than 2000 residents have settled Berkeley Lake, but the affluence has afforded an extremely stable and well managed community. In 1996 residents approved buying a 63 acre tract of land for greenspace and preservation, one of the few large tracts of land left in the original 700 acre development. Berkeley Lake services include garbage collection, although residents pay the waste services provider which then awards the City of Berkeley Lake a franchise fee that ultimately helps reduce city taxes for other services.

The ‘solid waste hauling’ exclusive contract in Berkeley Lake Georgia insures that all residents have waste pickup and at the same time limits the number of trucks and traffic compared to cities that allow garbage companies to compete for each individual household. This reduction to the bare minimum number of trucks on the road and pickup days reduces noise and air pollution, as well as wear and tear on city streets. Residents in turn seek city leaders and managers that will competently seek the most competitive solid waste hauling contract for Berkeley Lake Georgia.

Fire protection in Berkeley Lake is provided by Gwinnett County, and police and public safety is augmented by the Gwinnett Police Department. The city is also known as an environmentally correct city, a wildlife sanctuary, and earned the “Tree City USA” appelation. Berkeley Lake is near Peachtree Industrial Boulevard between Norcross and Duluth.


The vicinity of Alpharetta Georgia was once the county seat of Milton County Georgia. Milton County merged with Fulton County during the great depression because of financial difficulties. If you have looked at a map of Fulton County you have wondered how it got its odd shape. This merger is one reason.

Alpharetta Movers

Alpharetta is a major city in northern Fulton County. Alpha is greek for first and retta means town, so those who named the city had visions of Alpharetta being a first town. Indeed Alpharetta has not only grown to 50,000 citizens, its daytime population is more than double with its thriving business climate.

Before 1858, the area was referred to as the New Prospect Camp Ground, and consisted of a few wooden structures including a school, and many tents. It was a popular trading post and alsio an area central to many cotton farms. Residents in these days were independent and industrious, with no charismatic leader taking the name, instead the generic but unique name of Alpharetta was put to the state of Georgia and approved by the legislature on December 11, 1858.

Moving Companies Alpharetta Ga

Today. Georgia 400 is the main artery leading from Atlanta through old Milton County and the City of Alpharetta. To the southwest Apharetta is bordered by Roswell and by Johns Creek to the southeast. The town of Milton is to the northwest and the next major town to the northeast along Ga-400 is Cumming Georgia. Also to the southeast are a community called Big Creek and the Mathis airport, part of Suwanee or Duluth.

The Mathis Airport has a runway of 1800 feet and is governed by visual flight rules or VFR. Calling itself a barnstormers airport with a dogleg runway, it was created by the Mathis brothers sometime in the late 1950’s or early 1960’s. The current airport designator is GA47.

Movers Alpharetta

Alpharetta has a police department located on Old Milton Parkway and six Fire Stations that provide fire and emergency services. The city also has its own Public Works and a Parks and Recreation division. Additionally Five City High Schools including Milton, Alpharetta and Chatahoochie top a robust public education system in Alpharetta, which otherwise would depend on Fulton County and its mixed bag of public schools.

Alpharetta relocation customers especially local movers but even long distance should check moving companies on the internet to find companies with experience and integrity with their Atlanta Georgia customers. is a great web-site for learning about our choices when moving.

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