Storage Atlanta Metro

Mark the Mover offers full service household goods storage at two locations around Atlanta, Ga. We administer full inventories of stored items, we charge by the storage vault and for oversized items stored in our household goods storage racks. Billing is month to month, and all storage is temperature and humidity controller. We offer a small amount of premium low temperature storage, which is storage not to exceed 78 degrees temperature.

Storage at Mark the Mover is always handled by Mark the Mover employees. One of our competitors that is actually an internet marketing company, is actually just a commission scheme to take money off the top for using their website form. They engage a moving company to pick up and deliver your goods, and they engage a self storage place to store your goods. Their name rhymes with cry, hoarder.

When Mark the Mover handles your household goods storage, we pick it up, take an inventory, pad and pack your household goods in vaults and store it in one of our indoor secure household goods facilities. When you are ready, we use our trucks and our employees to retrieve your household goods from our warehouse, and we bring them to you. Moving and Storage Atlanta.