Local Movers

The Georgia Public Safety Motor Carrier Compliance Division defines a local move as being a move that begins and ends within 50 miles. National van lines often perform some local moves, but their main priority is on national and international moving. Every major metropolitan area has a rich supply of local movers, locally owned and operated, reviewed on Google and Yelp, and whose priority is the local moves.

Local moving is best done with a local moving truck. Smaller than interstate tractor trailers, they are still very big while being more maneuverable on tight city streets. And in the case of local movers Mark the Mover, we try to offer more men to get the job done more quickly. Local moving trucks are well equipped with dollies and two wheelers, boxes, packing supplies and moving blankets.

When you look for a local moving company with good reviews in Atlanta, Mark the Mover is one of the local movers you will find. With more than four decades of helping local Atlanta households with their relocation needs, many happy customers have left us positive reviews. We thank our customers past and present that have spread the word when Mark the Mover has executed a job well done.

Atlanta movers with a priority for local moving include the three largest Georgia owned local moving companies. These companies are real small businesses with CEO’s that live in the community from where their employees come. Local moving companies often use permanent employees, as opposed to contract labor, which is less reliable. Real employees with fair wages and real benefits such as health, 401-k and vacation days. Real employees are just plain more reliable.

And real established local moving companies with real reviews from real customers. You can by looking at websites when they make up their testimonials. They show a picture of an actress from California and the review is just over the top, you would rather see your reviews on Yelp, where companies are watched and monitored to make sure they aren’t buying reviews or in some way circumventing the truthful happinstance of a real person who is a real customer leaving a real review.

So, when searching for local moving companies, you can’t go wrong with Mark the Mover.